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The Very Alpha Christmas Anthology, featuring my Mythical Knights Story,

Not a Gentleman's Christmas

Not A Gentleman's Christmas, by Candice Gilmer, a Mythical Knights Side story, featuring  the Reynolds Werewolves. (Drigan Werewolf Cousins)

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A Very Alpha Christmas. Over 25 New Paranormal Christmas Stories, available for a limited time from USA Today and NY Times Bestselling Authors.

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Taming the Monster, 17 scary romances of Monsters who need love too, including Candice Gilmer's Guarding Her Secret, about the Loch Ness Monster

Taming the Monster,

Featuring Guarding Her Secret, a Mythicals of Avalon side story

Guarding Her Secret -- The Mythicals Side Story. (Featured in the Taming the Monster Anthology) Even magic might not be enough to protect her.

The Mythical Knights

Brighest Shadow Book #0.5 in the Mythical Knights Series. Can werewolf David Drigan find his light, lost in the dark? Dark Within, Book 1 in the Mythical Knights Series. Can she love the dark within this werewolf? Bravest Flame, Mythical Knights Book 1.5  Letting herself burn might be the bravest thing she's ever done. Darker Cravings, Mythical Knights Book #2  Getting what she truly craves could destroy her.


Winter 2015


January 2016


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What about some fun, snarky seasonal romance?

Celestial Springs Salon,

Barrum, KS Books

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Summer Burns, Celestial Springs Salon Book #1 This widow vowed to never love another military man, until he came home to pay his respects. Autumn Falls, Celesital Springs Salon book #2. Some loves never really go away, even when they won't work.

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Not A Gentleman's Christmas -- Part of the Very Alpha Christmas Anthology

December 2015, A Mythical Knights Side Story


Bravest Flame -- Winter, 2015, Mythical Knights Book #1.5


Darker Cravings -- January, 2016, Mythical Knights Book #2


Winter Chills -- Winter, 2016, Celestial Springs Salon #3


Boldest Choice -- Spring 2016, Mythical Knights Book #2.5


Darkest Judgment -- April 2016, Mythical Knights Book #3